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Welcome to English Village Early Learning Center

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  • 7 AM to 6 PM
woman with infant smiling

In order to address the needs of working parents, English Village Early Learning Center offers an infant program for your convenience. With our infant program, we can provide your baby with a welcoming, warm, and safe environment where they can spend the day.

Our caregivers will focus on making sure that your baby is well-cared for, engaged, secure, and happy throughout the day. Moreover, you can rest assured that the care we provide is solely based on your child’s exact needs — from their nutritional or special dietary needs to their unique sleeping schedule, and to any other special requirements that they might have.

Our caregivers also help improve your baby’s skills in the following to ensure their overall development:


  • Making use of their motor and physical abilities, like crawling and rolling, to explore their surroundings;
  • Paying attention to people and things by observing, listening, and responding;
  • Encouraging the use of all five senses to thoroughly explore their environment;
  • Developing their critical thinking skills through exploration, observation, and repeating actions from teachers and fellow playmates.


  • Communicating by showing response and recognition to verbal language;
  • Associating simple sounds and movements to express themselves;
  • Making use of their hands to handle objects deliberately.


  • Developing social-emotional intelligence in the presence of their caregiver or parents;
  • Cooperating in their daily routine with the help of a familiar adult, like their parents, siblings, or caregiver;
  • Securing an attachment to a parent or caregiver;
  • Attempting new movements, like walking across the room, waddling, and marching.

With our home-like environment, we assure you that your child will be given individualized attention with unique experiences that they can learn from. So, if you would like to enroll your child in our infant program, simply give us a call at 301-469-5000 for inquiries!